We believe that being ‘young’ and ‘new’ shouldn’t be a reason for not being able to secure funding and support.

In order to change the world, young feminists organizers need resources like wifi connections, mobile phones, office space, printers, markers, bus fare, and more.

That’s why we believe donating money is a political act.

Because when you give your own hard-earned money to a cause you believe in, you are making a statement of values.
Your donation to FRIDA will help increase the impact of dynamic and courageous groups of young feminists who are working to end multiple forms of inequality. There are several ways you can give:

Donate online

Show your support of young feminists by donating today!

All online donations are processed by the donation platform, Classy

Donate Monthly

Strengthen the sustainability of young feminist organizers.

Monthly donations provide a foundation for us to better plan our activities, think creatively and react quickly to changing contexts. This is especially important when we work with young women, girls, and trans*youth who experience threats and violence for just being who they are and speaking truth to power.

By mail

You can mail a check or cash to our Collective Action Fund at the Tides Foundation:

Tides Foundation
attn: FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund
The Presidio
P.O. Box 29903
San Francisco, CA 94129 USA

Please make your check payable to “Tides Foundation” with FRIDA Fund noted on the memo line. (Don’t forget that detail or else they won’t know it’s for us!)

Wire Transfer

You can also make a wire transfer to our Collective Action Fund. Email us and we’ll send you more information!

TAX Free!

Whether you make a contribution to FRIDA online via Classy or by mail or wire via Tides Foundation, your contribution is tax deductible!

Thank you

Thank you for trusting us to be experts of our own reality!