Fundraising can be fun! Lessons from a feminist group in Zambia

Money makes a huge difference in the life of a young feminist group. Because with more resources, young feminist groups have been able to amplify their organizing around some of the most pressing issues that we face in the world today. And money is also one of the key things that young feminist groups lack. […]

Not Backing Down, We Rise Above the Backlash

For us feminists, 2016 has been a difficult year. Backlash against feminism and threats on women’s rights abounded. We saw lawmakers restricting abortion access in Poland, rape culture unchecked in Brazil, the murder of a transactivist in Turkey, and the election of an open misogynist in the US. Despite this violence, we are not backing down! […]

Help us raise $20,000 for young feminist activism!

We need you, as a friend of FRIDA, to activate your networks, spread the word and help raise a critical $20,000 for young feminist leaders so they can use it to change the world! Over the last 5 years, we’ve witnessed an incredible bloom of co-creation, collaboration, creativity and colour in young feminist organizing. We’ve seen […]

Gifting her birthday to young feminists

Dedicating your birthday for a noble cause is always a nice gesture but Barbora Nemcova’s celebration of her birthday this year has inspired many of us to utilise our special day to give to those who need resources the most. A long time friend and supporter, Barbora decided to dedicate her birthday to the young feminist […]

Support us in our fight to end gender based violence

Catapult partnered with six powerful women’s funds, supporting six critical feminist issues. And FRIDA was one of them! We were featured at The Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015, along with other women’s rights funds and organizations. Show your support and act now. Help us in ending gender based violence. Follow this link to know more: FRIDA’s campaign seeks to […]

Introducing FRIDA to the City by the Bay!

By: Angelika Arutyunova Last week I stood in front of a diverse group of people who came to hear about the Young Feminist Fund in the beautiful office of The Women Donors Network. As I stood there passionately talking about FRIDA and as I watched the reactions of the audience to my words and the words […]