Presenting FRIDA’s Annual Report 2015! #BloomingAhead

Did you know in 2015, FRIDA gave out 71 grants to radical, trail blazing young feminist groups? That we grew from an organisation of 3 to 7 staff members? And that was just the start…2015 was FRIDA’s Year of Blooming! Today we present the 2015 FRIDA Annual report. A colorful riot of stories, quotes and […]

Presenting FRIDA’s first-ever grantmaking report!

We’ve always been proud of the core element that shapes our funding model: participatory grantmaking. A process that puts decision-making in the hands of young feminists themselves, who, we believe, are the best experts of their own realities. In the last five years, we’ve grown phenomenally, reaching out to as many emerging groups as possible […]


When did FRIDA begin? Who founded it and where? These are difficult questions for us. FRIDA – the idea, the mission, the institution – was conceived and created by so many young feminist activists and their allies that it’s hard to pinpoint a date and time. No matter what origin story we tell, there is […]