Living and learning feminism with young girls in Lucknow

This blog has been penned by Gopika Bashi, one of our advisors from the Asia Pacific region. To read more about FRIDA’s advisory committee, click here. As feminists, our most basic task is  to fight patriarchy. And we do that by weeding it out at its roots. We call out misogyny, chip away at limiting ideologies, […]

Event @ COP22: Climate change and young women´s leadership

FRIDA and the Central American Women’s Fund are excited to present our side-event at the COP22 on November 14th: ‘Climate change and young women´s leadership: links, opportunities, challenges and experiences from the field’ Click on the image below for more details on the event and speakers: This round table will bring together young feminist activists […]

New report: Global Mapping of Young Feminist Organizing

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development’s Young Feminist Activism Program are pleased to publish Brave, Creative, Resilient: The Global State of Young Feminist Organizing, an international mapping on the global state of young feminist organizing. Read and download the full report here. Read a summary of key findings and recommendations […]

Kicking their way inside soccer stadiums!

Open stadiums is a nation-wide campaign which has gained international attention through its very public and legitimate defy of the ban. Semanur Karaman interviewed the faces behind the campaign to understand their aspirations for Iran and expectations from the global feminist movement. Football is a multi billion-dollar industry which is highly politicized across the globe.  Take […]

Young Feminist Fellowship for Climate Justice

Are you a young feminist working on issues of climate justice? Would you like the opportunity to attend the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris and undertake a 6 month fellowship working with Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund? For more info, check out this link: Hurry! Deadline: October 11, 2015.

Power sharing Philanthropy

Frida emerged to increase financial resources for radical and innovative initiatives, challenging traditional models of international cooperation and the relationships between social movements and traditional foundations.   Frida, along with other similar initiatives, exemplifies a model to build solidarity and engage in political, radical and transgressive social change. Sophie Pritchard presents an account of new […]

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