Our Teams

FRIDA is an entirely youth-led organization committed to staying true to the mission of supporting young feminist organizing as well as being led by young feminist activists themselves. FRIDA’s network is far and wide and has a presence in the global south nations of the world. Different people play different roles in advancing FRIDA’s values, vision and mission.

Meet our teams

FRIDA’s team represents different communities, movements and countries. We all work remotely–from co-working offices to cafes and community spaces–to drive FRIDA’s vision and mission forward. We are a mix of full-time staff and part-time consultants. Here is a break down of our global and local team. Click on each team to learn more.

The Communications and Advocacy (CoAd) team is responsible for looking at the multiple ways in which overall communications and public advocacy merge in FRIDA’s operations. This team looks after innovative campaigns, public messaging and presence, content creation, knowledge building and ensuring that it is reaching the right audience at the right time.



The Communities & Culture team is responsible for the overall management of the vast FRIDA community and ensuring that it promotes a culture of care, empathy and feminist values. It’s work involves collaborating and coordinating with different FRIDA community members–grantee partners, advisors, staff and the board.

The finance team ensures the financial health,sustainability and resilience of the organization, budgeting its way through a variety of expenses and needs of different teams.


The HR team strives to be feminist in its operations of handling everyday HR things, ranging from recruitment drives, updating employee benefits, reviewing salary pay scales and keeping labor laws in mind while doing so.


The MEL team coordinates the design and implementation of FRIDA’s research, monitoring and evaluation activities, to better understand the impact of its work, and produce knowledge for FRIDA’s funder advocacy. Its work involves overseeing FRIDA’s MEL system, Theory of Change, data gathering and analysis, and impact evaluations – ensuring that FRIDA is a learning organization, and building MEL skills for FRIDA’s network, guided by co-creation, collaborative innovation and feminist values.

The programs team looks after all the programmatic work in the organization, ranging from FRIDA’s flagship participatory grantmaking, to its funding+ work in capacity strengthening and special grants, and monitoring, evaluation and learning. This team coordinates all programmatic work between FRIDA and its grantee partners.


The RM team coordinates all fundraising activities of the fund, working to ensure that FRIDA is well and sustainably resourced. The team works to initiate and steward partnerships with diverse institutional and individual donors committed to girls’, young women’s and trans youth’s human rights, and explores new and creative avenues to secure funding for FRIDA’s activities.