Photo of the Month: October 2016


This month’s photo is one that is breathtaking! FearlesslyFRIDA, a collaboration between FRIDA and The Fearless Collective, spread its wings from Indonesia to South Africa, this time partnering with Holaa!Africa in Johannesburg to paint the walls and explore the theme of coloring outside the lines of ‘body’. And this is how it finally looked: “In a city mined for it’s gold but lit by the sun, at the intersection of a historical hill crowned by an old woman’s prison, and a neighbourhood considered notoriously unsafe by some. Two women stand defiant painted in black and gold on the walls of an old maternity ward, reclaimed by those seeking shelter. One of them wears a kanga around her body, the other stands exposed. Their hands are linked together as if linking the stories of countless women in South Africa (and the world!) that have stood for the autonomy of their bodies. Symbolizing the struggle of a woman raped by the current prime minister of South Africa ten years ago, they affirm- I wear my body without shame.”

Picture by Fabrice Bourgelle a.k.a. Photography by Focus. Caption quote by The Fearless Collective.