Recruiting: Hub Conversation Facilitator (Volunteer)

In February 2015 FRIDA launched the FRIDA Hub to create a secure online space for young feminist activists to share knowledge, experiences, and continue to organize in the advancement of human rights. We are currently recruiting ‘Hub Conversation Facilitators’  who will be responsible for facilitating online conversations within the FRIDA Hub platform. A Hub Conversation is […]

Digital StoryTelling

Listen to the stories that make up our movement

Personal stories are a powerful tool for social change. Young feminists attending the Young Feminist Convening organized by FRIDA and partners in May 27-29, 2014, in Thailand, learned exactly that and so much more during a workshop on Digital Storytelling. We are excited to share with you the opportunity to listen to the stories of courageous […]

Juliet Katongole: Breaking Out The Fear

“…I really didn’t know where I got the courage, and I talked about our security, health issues…”   listen to ‘Juliet Katongole: Breaking Out The Fear’ on audioBoom “I never knew about activism when I was doing sex work. Until I joined a group of sex workers that were organized by men who had funding […]

Michelle: My First Time

listen to ‘Michelle: My First Time’ on audioBoom “It was my first time. It didn’t hurt although I expected it to. I think that helps, doesn’t it? You expect the worst and then it never really meets up to expectations. Plus, all my friends were doing it. It was time to see what all the fuss […]

Anaís Córdova Páez: Justicia para Vanessa

“Este es una declaración que nada y nadie nos va a callar. Porque si toquen a una, se toquen a todas. – This is a declaration that nothing and nobody will keep us silent. Because if they touch one of us, they touch all of us.”   listen to ‘Anaís Córdova Páez: Justicia para Vanessa’ […]

Natasha Msonza: Expanding safe online spaces for women

“The more we encouraged women to grab the opportunities for self-expression and participation presented by the internet, the more we needed to raise and increase awareness of the associated risks, and detail threats as well.”   listen to ‘Natasha Msonza: Expanding safe online spaces for women’ on audioBoom “In thinking about contributing to a feminist […]

Zahra: No

Zahra: No

“…learning to say no is probably one of the most priceless gifts I have to share.”   listen to ‘Zahra: No’ on audioBoom “I was a prime candidate for date rape. Prime. I would move his hand when I felt it was going somewhere I wasn’t ready for it to go, and I realized a […]

Mariam Ouederago

Mariam Ouederago’s story

“Et ensemble, nous allons lutter contre le mariage forcé! – Together we will fight against forced marriage!”   listen to ‘Mariam Ouederago, Collectif Vivre Ma Vie’ on audioBoom “Mes grands-parents vivent au village. J’y vais souvent, à chaque fois que l’occasion se présente. Car j’aime vivre au village, me promener, surtout participer aux fêtes villageoises.En mars, […]

Tiko: Thanks for having me

Tiko: Thanks for having me

“I believe because we are women, we can make a huge difference in our communities. Thanks, mom, for having me.”   listen to ‘Tiko Meskhi: Thanks for having me’ on audioBoom “Why does it happen [that] the birth of [a] boy is [a] celebration and [the birth of] a girl is far from being that? […]

Bandana: After All Grief Change Into Power

“Let’s give an opportunity to a young lady, she can do everything.”   listen to ‘Bandana: After All Grief Change Into Power’ on Audioboo “I’m a married woman of 24 years. I have one child of seven years old and I’m the fourth child of my parents. I was born in a […] family [in] […]