Resource Mobilization

Call for Volunteers

FRIDA would like to improve and build upon our communications strategy and visual identity, and we are calling all young feminists from around the world to dedicate some of your precious spare time to our growing organization.  Please contact us directly if you are excited and available to be part of the FRIDA team.

We need help in these areas:

UX/Web Design

  • Review current, public-facing website to conduct an assessment of our gaps and strengths. Suggest edits and additions to our redesigned website. Potential for coordination with our Graphic Design volunteer/s to expand FRIDA’s graphic and visual identity.
    • Design / Layout
    • Information / Messaging
    • Features / Bones of website

Graphic Design

  • Utilize existing visual identity (color palette, images, themes, etc.) to achieve a clear, consistent, compelling face of our nonprofit. Design and make available to FRIDA’s team a large quantity of flexible files and/or general materials to be used in a variety of communication and promotional contexts (on a variety of OS’s). Possibly coordinate with our UX/Web Designer/s to iterate on FRIDA’s overall web design.
    • Example use cases: Events (hosted by FRIDA or with FRIDA as attendee among many), research publications (print/online), thank you cards (print/online), email campaigns, business cards, online profiles, stickers, website, social media, etc.
    • Reimagine core components of FRIDA’s visual identity through playing with graphics’ size, placement, structure, visual relationship with other components, space, medium, etc.

Video Production

  • Produce short videos for use in FRIDA’s 2014 fundraising and communication campaigns.  Any level of video production expertise is welcome – from awesome computer animation, to hand-drawn DIY materials, or traditional point-and-shoot footage edited together! Producing new material is a must for our growing organization! Help us create unique, compelling, short videos to ensure our Mission, Theory of Change, Partners, and Needs are clearly communicated in our upcoming projects. Work closely with our core FRIDA team and possibly with additional musical volunteers to create something wonderful for a small yet transnational feminist nonprofit.
    • Multiple and complex international, grassroots feminist perspectives
    • Storytelling – focus on FRIDA’s story, location within nonprofit sphere, organizational history and trajectory


  • Translate existing visual and audio materials accurately into Arabic, (+Hindi, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese) to clearly and concisely foster an understanding for FRIDA’s mission, story, methodology, processes, call to action, partners, etc.
    • What: Public website, internal documents/communications, promotional material, etc.
    • For whom: Individual donors, Organizational donors, grantee partners, fundraising partners, allies, etc.


  • Contribute original, creative work to FRIDA’s video campaign/s with music from different genres. Gain exposure while working closely with our small, core team and possibly with our Video Production Volunteer.
    • Submit new, independent music or work with our team to discover what works best for any upcoming project that promote female and/or trans*gender artists.

Infographic Artist

  • Clearly communicate FRIDA’s history, mission, methodology, and impact into at least one (or more) core infograhics to be used as a resource primarily for fundraising and social media campaigns during a key growth year for a small yet transnational feminist nonprofit.

If you feel like you could have some free time to share your creativity and ideas and learn about amazing feminist initiatives worldwide consider offering your services pro-bono with FRIDA, please send us your short bio at We are excited to work with you, share our knowledge and learn from yours.

Location: Remote (Work from home).

Time: Flexible (your suggestion regarding how much time you are able to dedicate per week, per month, or per project).