Girls and girl-led initiatives are critical
to social movements.

Girls are organising in creative and impactful ways, yet they remain absent from decision making processes and key movement building spaces. It’s time to bring GIRLS TO THE FRONT and acknowledge the amazing ways girl organisers are generating change in their communities.

In collaboration with Mama Cash, we are pleased to announce 'GIRLS TO THE FRONT: A snapshot of girl-led organising', a one-of-a-kind participatory, feminist and intersectional research that places girls at the centre of the study!

This collaborative research showcases the brave and innovative organizing led by girls around the world and features perspectives of girl advisors from five different countries with diverse backgrounds, profiles and skills. We see it as an exciting opportunity to spotlight how girl-led organising takes place and how funders can provide flexible support that responds to the needs of girls and their organising.


While girls are organizing everywhere, they are also affected by global trends such as closing civic space, while simultaneously dealing with sexism and ageism. Yet, we are inspired by girl activists who are reshaping organizational structures, shunning hierarchical models for more horizontal and inclusive decision making process. Girls are questioning the often repeated “girls are the future” narrative by organizing in present times and leading key movements in their communities. Because, who better to know what girls need than girls themselves?

There is a lot we can learn from the challenges they face, the experiences they gather and the communities they build together. So, we also put together a special Case Studies zine that highlights the outstanding work of some girl-led groups from different parts of the world.

Documenting real life stories of girl activists, this zine offers you the chance to zoom into the hard work and visions of 11 girl-led groups. From advancing sustainable development in Mexico to working against child marriage in Pakistan, these case studies highlight the incredible work that girls are doing in order to change the world for the better. Learn from some real case studies and concrete examples of how girl-led organizing is changing communities! Click here or on the image below to read the zine!

Be inspired by the leadership of girls and the way they are challenging status quo in their regions!