We believe in Holistic Security – understandin that care and safety are part
of a mutual, collective and a sustained practice.

Nowadays, feminist activists face intimidating and repressive security risks while organising. From bullying, to trolling, to digital harassment, surveillance and many more scary and intimidating practices, activists take huge risks while organising for their territories, bodies and rights. The backlash can particularly terrifying and isolating for a young feminist activist, new to organizing and without as many support mechanisms and resources.

At FRIDA, we believe centering the risks young feminists face in this

Conversation is essential to protecting and sustaining lifelong activism and successful, intergenerational movements.This is what we call Holistic Security – understanding care and safety as a mutual, collective and a sustained practice.

So as we come to the end of the year, we are dedicating our final Solidarity Storm to the issue of Security.

We are sharing a list of tips and resources below and on social media.

Please share widely, because the best way to keep safe is through a collective commitment to do so, to look out for each other and to create bonds that last over time. In other words, #SecurityisSelfCare.

Find below a list of useful resources to apply to your practices and share the knowledge with your community using the hashtag #SecurityisSelfcare




Electronic Frontier – 5 essential tips for protesters

11 tips for protecting your privacy and digital security in the age of Trump

Safe Party Toolkit zine this is a great resource for grassroots groups that could be used for the community events (discussions, movie screenings, parties etc) planning to ensure safety for participants.

Resource with some useful tips on how to respond to sexual harassment on the street.

How to respond to sexual harassment online by Lenny Letter

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women on vpnMentor

Pride Against Prejudice, Amnesty International – Toolkits to ensure safety during demonstrations

Frontline Defenders Workbook on Security – Practical Steps for HRDs at Risk. Includes detailed explanation of how to apply risk assessment, threat analysis etc tools in violent situations. Manual has useful checklists and action plans for each type of attack (rape, arrests, beatings etc)

Holistic Security Tactical Tech – good manual on analyzing overall context and discuss various ways to plan, strategize and act + Tactical Technology Collective.

Security in a box – practical guide to apps, software and more to keep safe online.

List of materials and resources for Women Human Rights Defenders from AWID.

We recognise there’s no one size fits all approach to security and that different contexts require different method, that’s why our aim is not only to provide simple tips that can be used by all the community but also to hear what works for you. So, please share, tweet, comment on what your best practices are using the hashtag #SecurityisSelfCare and/or #SolidarityStorm.