Introducing Jessica Gamede, our new Finance and Administration Manager


We are pleased to welcome Jessica Gamede as FRIDA’s new Finance and Administration Manager! She will be managing all our finances and provide the much needed administrative support to run our young feminist fund. Read more about her below:

Jessica Gamede

Finance and Administration Manager

Jessica is a young feminist from Mafahlaneng Tweeling, South Africa. She is interested in the organizational development of grassroots feminist organizations and has, for many years, worked atAfrika Tikkun, an NPO that works on child and youth development in South African townships. Before joining FRIDA she worked for Iranti-org, a queer human rights visual media organization that works within a human rights framework as its foundational platform for raising issues on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities. Her role at Iranti-org involved the management of financial and administration functions and the coordination of the human resource division. Jessica has also sat on the board of Forum for the Empowerment of Women as treasurer. She helped start-up Tshebedisano Mmoho, an initiative that works with volunteer tutors to teach accounting, mathematics and sciences,inter alia, in township schools. Her added involvement as an accounting tutor in this initiative has been her favourite. She continues to be involved in various initiatives that help support the education of talented youngsters from disadvantaged communities. Believing that knowledge, skills and experience depreciate if not continuously enhanced, she holds a diploma from Boston Business College and studies part time with UNISA, the University of South Africa. Jessica is currently based in Soweto, South Africa.

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